Rosie Lowe and Duval Timothy announce new project and release new song 'SON'

The 9 track project was recorded in both London, UK and Carrying Colour studios in Freetown, SL.

Accompanying text by Julian Knxx

Listen to the project HERE.

'Smɔl Smɔl' ft. Cktrl

Double 7” Vinyl, split colour/ trasparent

The stems of the track are split across the two vinyls. Play both records simultaneously to hear the full composition.

Piano, Double bass, Bells, Synth - Duval Timothy
Clarinet, Saxophone - Cktrl
Mastered by Antoine Chabert (Chab Mastering)

Vinyl only, edition of 250
Released 6 August 2021, Carrying Colour Records

Duval Timothy releases 'Help'

2021 Edition of Duval Timothy's fourth album 'Help' on Carrying Colour. Recorded across London, Freetown and Los Angeles, the project features Vegyn, Twin Shadow, Lil Silva, Melanie Faye, Mr Mitch and more.

Now available in double milky clear vinyl (2021 edition)

Listen to the album HERE 

2021 edition of the vinyl is available from our shop HERE.

'Slave' figure set

Duval Timothy - Slave ft. Twin Shadow Limited edition 12" Vinyl

Duval Timothy - 'Sen Am' LP (re-press)

Carrying Colour re-press of 'Sen Am', the third album by Duval Timothy. 2021 edition on tri-colour 180g vinyl and includes 3 photo postcards.

The album is the product of Duval spending the last two years living between London, UK and Freetown, Sierra Leone.

'Sen Am' is a Krio phrase that means 'send it' or 'send him/her

Throughout the record friends and family from Sierra Leone appear through Whatsapp voice notes that speak over solo piano and layered instrumental compositions.

1.  Whatsapp (2:41)
2.  Whale (5:07)
3.  Introvert (3:19)
4.  Ball (4:18)
5.  Language ft. Nicholas Mandalos (4:08)
6.  No (1:52)
7.  Wahala (3:19)
8.  Nijo (3:37)
9.  Dust (2:31)
10. Ibs (3:16)
11. Emmerson (2:41)
12. Return (4:40) - Bonus

Also featuring: 6pac, Aminata, Aruna, Emmerson & Sydney.

The LP was recorded in London (UK), Bath (UK), Freetown (SL), Tokyo (JP), Kyoto (JP).
Recorded and engineered by Duval Timothy
Carrying Colour Records

Brown Loop

Duval Timothy re-releases his solo piano album 'Brown Loop' on Carrying Colour.

Recorded New York 2016

All music composed & performed by Duval Timothy

Mastered by Derek Pacuk


Buy the Vinyl HERE

Listen to Brown Loop HERE


A1. Through The Night (3:39)

A2. Cold Is Coming (3:06)

A3. Badman (3:01)

A4. Clouds (2:34)

A5. G (3:13)

A6. Blue Borough (2:55)


B1. Hairs (7:15)

B2. Pleats (2:55)

B3. Smoke Alarm (3:36)

B4. Passing (5:05)



NTS release limited edition Duval Timothy / Mica Levi 7"

Duval Timothy - 2 Sim EP

‘2 Sim’ is a phrase the references mobile phones with two sim cards to describe people of mixed heritage, dual nationality or multiple residences. After being called a 2 Sim in conversation with a stranger whilst on a walk through Freetown (a recording of this moment features on the record), Duval began to explore what the 2 Sim experience is in contemporary West-Africa.

2 Sim was created from 2 months of field recordings and interviews with family, friends and peers in Freetown Sierra Leone. These site specific recordings are collaged with solo piano recordings and production recorded in Sierra Leone and the UK. The EP is accompanied by a short film/ music video of the same name which Duval shot and Directed whilst making the record.

1. 2 Sim (7:05)

Additional guitar by Arthur Timothy

Vocal recordings/interviews with (in order of appearance): Geoffrey Awoonor-Renner, Arthur Timothy, Folayemi Brown, Dominic Hope, Henry Jay Kamara, Elkanah Coker, Ibiye Camp, Daniel & Valentine Coker, Sydney Timothy Nichols, Duval Timothy

2. Botany Rd (6:28)

Vocals: Sydney Timothy Nichols, John (Soja) Sesay, Julius

3. All Things (10:38)

Vocals: Sia Williams, Ruth Kamara, Sydney Nichols, John (Soja) Sesay, Harriett Grace (Pineapple) Williams

4. First Rain (7:28)

Vocals: Daniel & Valentine Coker

Carrying Colour Records