The boss hat is based on the classic boss of the planes design which was the original cowboy hat. This hat featured the smooth domed crown and flat brim. Over time, owners of these hats created grooves in the crown and curves on the brim from repeatedly taking off the hat and adapting to the owners head. Theses alterations came to mark the identity of each hat and its owner and lead to the many styles of hat we are familiar with today.


Making a Carrying Colour hat starts with creating a hat block out or recycled wood. The wood is chopped into short bars which are glued together into a larger block. The solid block of wood is then carved into the domed shape of the crown using a chisel and mallet. The dome is then filed and sanded to a smooth finish.


Carrying Colour Hat Blocks


The wool used to make each hat arrives in a loose cone form called a capeline. Hat stiffener is added to each capeline and it is then steamed to loosen the fibres. While still hot, the steamed capeline is stretched over the wooden hat block and secured at the base with a string loop. The fabric surrounding the crown is pressed until flat with a steam iron. The wool is then left to cool and dry overnight which allows the wool fibres to settle in the form of the hat.

The following day the hat is pushed off the hat block and a circular edge is marked out and cut. Hat wire is then sewn around the edge of the hat by hand to support the shape of the flat brim. A slim edging and woven label are finally sewn in, finishing the hat.


Making Carrying Colour hats


This Boss hat no.2 edition has small improvements on the shape of the crown and a slightly shortened brim. They are available in 9 colours and 3 sizes.


Carrying Colour Boss hat no.2