Country-Cloth Kimono - Blue

Country-Cloth Kimono - Blue

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Our 'Country Cloth Kimono' is made from our own bespoke wool and cotton blend fabric woven by hand on traditional West-African tripod looms in Sierra Leone.

The first colour-way is made from a combination of blue and black yarns woven together to achieve the richest blue possible.

The central pocket, neckline and joining of woven strip-fabrics of a traditional West-African 'Country Cloth' top is married with the loose sleeves and 'Obi' like belt of a traditional Japanese kimono. This combination offers both comfort and adaptability of a loose fit top whist still achieving attractive lines at the waist and sleeves.

Unisex design

2 sizes - Medium / Large
Woven Carrying colour label on left sleeve and inside collar

Handmade in Sierra Leone and UK.